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02.09.2015 21:21 Sport
The undefeated champion in middleweight division Gennady Golovkin from Kazakhstan shared his plans for 2017.
06.06.2015 16:13 Entertainment, Style
Chairman of the Board of Kaspi Bank Vyacheslav Kim is confident that a bright future awaits the international ethnic music festival The Spirit of Tengri.
26.08.2014 22:55 Sport
Young Kazakhstani cyclists will depart with Astana Pro Team to Vuelta for training.
27.06.2014 10:31 Sport
Former France international Jerome Rothen is among 37 players who have been summonsed to appear before the Professional Football League (LFP) for illegal betting on matches in France.
26.08.2012 14:06 Companies
US sporting goods giant Nike was one of several sponsors sticking by Lance Armstrong on Friday after the US Anti-Doping Agency stripped the cycling legend of his record seven Tour de France titles.
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