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28.09.2015 17:38 People
More than half the world's elderly lack access to long-term care, the International Labour Organization said in a report, condemning the "deplorable" situation facing a rapidly ageing population.
04.07.2015 15:18 Internet
Fluffy clouds waft across a blue sky as you log in and while you chat with friends, Gospel music rings out: welcome to Facegloria, the social network for Brazilian Evangelicals.
01.07.2015 14:09 Internet
Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg figures there could be a formula that explains how people think.
12.06.2015 12:01 Companies
Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo is surrendering his post, handing the reins back to co-founder Jack Dorsey as the popular service struggles to boost its ranks of users.
10.06.2015 19:59 Politics
President of Kazakhstan speaks harsh words about the current state of culture, in which social networks and the Internet undermine moral principles and spirituality.
27.04.2015 18:35 Laws, Initiatives
The so-called 'right to be forgotten', which allows individuals to have information, videos or photographs that infringe on their privacy deleted from Internet records, was discussed by Kazakhstan's Majilis.
24.03.2015 01:27 Politics
Access to social networking websites may be blocked in Kazakhstan on the campaigning silence day before the elections should the rules of campaigning be violated.
19.02.2015 21:10 Politics
Bloggers' Alliance of Kazakhstan believes that Kazakhstan does not need early election but needs a referendum to extend the term of office of the incumbent President.
30.01.2015 17:18 Sport
Golovkin gets two magazine covers and more music videos.
15.01.2015 13:26 Internet
Facebook said it is testing a version of its leading social network tailored for getting jobs done in workplaces instead of tuning into the lives of friends.
13.12.2014 11:56 Internet
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg wants people to be able to quickly express broader ranges of feelings, but a "dislike" button doesn't make the cut.
11.12.2014 12:09 Internet
Instagram, the photo-sharing social network owned by Facebook, announced it has more than 300 million users.
17.11.2014 21:24 Internet
Facebook is preparing a new office version of its social networking site to compete with other sites like LinkedIn.
15.11.2014 11:45 Internet
Facebook said it is making moves to reduce the number of promotional posts that pop up in timelines, in response to users' demands for fewer advertisements.
01.11.2014 18:05 Internet
Chelsea Handler is fighting with Instagram after it took down a topless picture she posted looking similar to a famous shirtless picture of Russian President.
29.10.2014 17:14 Internet
Facebook reported its quarterly profit nearly doubled but saw its stock pounded after outlining a plan to invest heavily in the future.
21.10.2014 14:46 Crime
Facebook sued lawyers who represented a man claiming he was entitled to a stake in the huge social network, saying they should have known he was a scam artist.
04.10.2014 11:22 Internet
Facebook said it has stepped up its battle against spammers who promise to deliver "likes" to its members, and warned users on using such scams.
20.08.2014 04:07 People
Sabina Altynbekova, a kawaii from Kazakhstan, that has won hearts and eyes of the entire South-Eastern Asia is not up for modelling.
19.08.2014 11:47 Internet
Google confirmed it has bought the startup behind a Jetpac application that creates travel guides by analyzing pictures from social networks.
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