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Новости по теме: smuggle По вашему запросу найдено: 16 материалов
05.03.2015 18:10 Crime
Two Kazakhstani diplomats charged with cigarette smuggling have been extradited to Kazakhstan.
13.10.2014 19:15 Crime
Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan has sent a request to Germany asking to send back two Kazakhstani diplomats convicted in the country.
25.07.2014 12:32 Crime
A Greek police officer was among nine people arrested for the suspected smuggling of ancient artefacts, including a statue valued at about one million euros, police said.
13.05.2014 19:41 Crime
Almaty customs officers have got four detection dogs from Europe and America. The joint effort is called to help save the dwindling saiga antelope population in Kazakhstan.
09.04.2014 11:01 Crime
Italian Kyrgyz drug mule has been caught in Karaganda hallucinating from the heroin leaking in his stomach.
14.03.2014 17:37 Crime
Mexican authorities in the border city of Tijuana found a tunnel designed to smuggle people without documentation into the United States, the government said.
16.10.2013 18:38 Politics
Kazakhstan's Prosecutor General has initiated a criminal case against Kazakhstan's diplomats of the General Consulate in Frankfurt am Main who were caught smurfing cigarettes.
28.09.2013 17:00 Crime
Until three months ago, petrol smuggling literally drove Morocco's neglected eastern region, where the subsidised liquid smuggled in from Algeria fuelled the local economy.
30.08.2013 20:39 Crime
Consul General of Kazakhstan in Frankfurt am Main Akhat Alpysbayev has been arrested in Germany.
29.12.2012 17:14 Crime
A man accused of smuggling 70-million-year-old dinosaur skeletons, including a Tyrannosaur, into the United States pleaded guilty in court Thursday.
18.10.2012 14:36 Strange News
Smugglers have been pumping ethyl alcohol from Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan via a self-made pipeline since 2008.
04.09.2012 10:44 Environment
Bangladesh said that nine forest officials had been suspended for "gross negligence" after three tiger cubs were found in a house in Dhaka.
02.03.2012 14:41 Markets
35% of agricultural products smuggling from Uzbekistan is destined for Kazakhstan.
23.02.2012 12:16 Politics
On February 16 official representatives of both countries discussed prevention of nuclear smuggling and other cooperation issues.
06.05.2011 14:31 Strange News
Omsk road police seized a truck with five donkeys and two camels.