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21.12.2015 12:20 Environment
Beijing has ordered 2,100 factories to suspend or reduce production as part of its 'red alert' measures to deal with smog.
15.09.2014 14:15 Environment
Air pollution in Singapore rose to unhealthy levels, blanketing the city-state's skyline with clouds of smog.
28.02.2014 16:05 Emergencies
Young, elderly and pregnant residents of a Australian town cloaked in smoke from a coal mine ablaze for three weeks were Friday urged to leave over mounting air quality concerns.
25.02.2014 09:52 Environment
Dangerous smog which has blighted swathes of northern China in recent days has prompted a spike in air purifier sales, local media reported Monday, as pollution continued to shroud Beijing.
22.02.2014 13:24 Environment
The smokestacks of Kremikovtzi steel mill on Sofia's outskirts may have shut down years ago, but ancient cars ensure that Bulgaria's capital is still the most polluted in Europe.
24.10.2013 11:07 Environment
A bout of choking smog that brought life to a standstill in a far northeast Chinese city for three days has dissipated, with flights resuming and students returning to school.
22.06.2013 19:56 Environment
Fires on Indonesia's Sumatra, which have cloaked Singapore in record-breaking smog, are raging on palm oil plantations owned by Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean companies.
21.06.2013 19:06 Environment
Singapore's smog index hit the critical 400 level on Friday, making it potentially life-threatening to the ill and elderly people, according to a government monitoring site.
20.06.2013 12:30 Environment
Singapore and Indonesia were scheduled to hold emergency talks Thursday after thick smog from forest fires on Sumatra island reached unprecedented levels in the city-state.
05.10.2012 12:01 Science, Technologies
Architect Leila Rakhimzhanova has suggested a simple and inexpensive method of cleaning Almaty from smog.
30.07.2012 15:33 Environment
This is called an atmospheric mist. Our neighbors in Russia have huge wildfires: Expert.
25.07.2012 10:16 Emergencies
Gray pitch-dark smoke has been enveloping Pavlodar for three days. The small of burning now accompanies the smog over the city.
11.04.2012 14:00 Disasters
Atyrau got covered with a thick smog on April 10.
25.01.2012 15:31 Environment
A mixture of smoke, fog and dust has been in the capital's air for days.