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21.05.2014 10:49 Science, Technologies
Mexican researchers plan to extract the more than 12,000-year-old skeleton of a teenage girl whose discovery in an underwater cave has given new clues about the origins of the first Native Americans.
18.04.2014 10:35 Science, Technologies
Paleontologists unearthed the oldest ancestor of land-dwelling herbivores with the discovery of a 300-million-year-old skeleton, shedding light onto plant eaters' emergence on land, a study said.
27.05.2013 14:25 Crime
Australian police on Monday said they have opened a murder inquiry after the remains of a woman who disappeared almost 50 years ago were identified as those of a missing mother.
15.10.2012 10:34 Science, Technologies
Archaeologists and one hopeful relative are anxiously waiting to see if a skeleton dug up from a hole in a car park in the English city of Leicester is the remains of the much-maligned King Richard III.