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Man charged with posting 'Anonymous' symbol on Singapore website Singapore on Tuesday charged a local man with hacking a council website and posting a symbol associated with international hacker group Anonymous, amid concerns about new Internet laws in the city-state.
12 ноября 2013
Hackers expose Asia's weak cyber defences A rash of website hackings in the Asia-Pacific has exposed weak cyber defences which must be improved to help the region deal with more sophisticated and sinister threats, particularly from criminal organisations, analysts said.
09 ноября 2013
Taiwan's Economic Affairs Minister Chang Chia-Juch (2nd L) and Foreign Minister David Lin (R). ©Reuters/Pichi Chuang Taiwan signs free trade deal with Singapore Taiwan signed a free trade deal with Singapore on Thursday, its first with a Southeast Asian country, as the diplomatically isolated island steps up efforts to join regional economic blocs.
07 ноября 2013
China seeks world role for 'people's money' With deals from London to Singapore, China is seeking a greater role for its yuan currency in global markets to challenge the hegemony of the almighty dollar.
06 ноября 2013
'Anonymous' hack puts Singapore on alert Activist group Anonymous hacked a Singapore newspaper website Friday and threatened wider cyber attacks over Internet freedom.
01 ноября 2013
World Bank: Singapore, Hong Kong best for business Singapore and Hong Kong rank the world's best places to run a business, while mainland China remains far down the list.
30 октября 2013
Newest Indian airline expects to take flight by mid-2014 India's newest planned airline, a joint venture of the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, expects to win swift regulatory clearance and be able to start flying by mid-next year.
26 октября 2013
©Reuters/Gary Cameron Dolphin killings rise in Peru due to Asia shark fin sales Peru has dramatically increased its sales of shark fins to Asia, triggering the slaughter of about 15,000 dolphins a year used as bait.
20 октября 2013
Obama's 'missed opportunity' as China flexes muscles Most Asia-Pacific leaders, themselves blooded in political trench warfare, sympathise with US President Barack Obama's unwillingness to desert his Washington fox-hole.
09 октября 2013
©Reuters/Bobby Yip Singapore, China giants 'mull Spain gas investment': report Singapore state investment giant Temasek and Chinese oil group Sinopec aim to snap up a multi-billion-euro stake in Spain's Gas Natural.
08 октября 2013
Singapore to double capacity of Changi Airport Singapore will build a new terminal that will double the capacity of Changi Airport in a bid to retain its edge as a regional aviation hub.
19 августа 2013
Palm oil companies behind Singapore smog: Greenpeace Fires on Indonesia's Sumatra, which have cloaked Singapore in record-breaking smog, are raging on palm oil plantations owned by Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean companies.
22 июня 2013
Singapore smog in new high, danger to ill and elderly Singapore's smog index hit the critical 400 level on Friday, making it potentially life-threatening to the ill and elderly people, according to a government monitoring site.
21 июня 2013
Singapore, Indonesia to hold talks on smog crisis Singapore and Indonesia were scheduled to hold emergency talks Thursday after thick smog from forest fires on Sumatra island reached unprecedented levels in the city-state.
20 июня 2013
©REUTERS Singapore fights back against worsening dengue outbreak Singapore is fighting back against a rapidly worsening dengue epidemic by distributing insect repellants to every household and recruiting hundreds of disease control officers.
12 июня 2013
Web 'blackout' in Singapore to protest new online rules Over 130 Singaporean bloggers blacked out their homepages Thursday to protest new licencing rules for news websites they say will muzzle freedom of expression.
06 июня 2013
US defence chief accuses China of cyber spying US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Saturday accused China of waging cyber espionage against the United States, stepping up pressure on Beijing over the issue ahead of a key summit between their leaders.
01 июня 2013
Photo courtesy of Singapore company to manage economic zones in Atyrau and Taraz Singapore company JURONG will manage special economic zones in Ayrau and Taraz.
31 мая 2013
©REUTERS No benefit from double dose of Tamiflu for flu: study Tamiflu, the frontline treatment for influenza, offers no benefit for patients if it is administered in double the normal dose.
31 мая 2013
US experts reject murder theory in scientist's death Two US pathologists on Wednesday supported Singapore police findings that an American scientist found hanged last year in the city-state committed suicide and was not murdered as his family claims.
23 мая 2013

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