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Italy's Berlusconi in hot water again with judiciary Italy's Silvio Berlusconi is in hot water with the justice system again after mocking the community service he has been ordered to do for tax fraud, media reports said.
30 апреля 2014
Italy's Berlusconi headed for community service Italian prosecutors on Thursday approved a request by Silvio Berlusconi's lawyers for the three-time prime minister to do community service rather than face house arrest following a tax fraud conviction.
11 апреля 2014
Italy's Letta wins parliament vote, vowing to fight 'chaos' Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta on Wednesday won a parliamentary confidence vote triggered by the fall of Silvio Berlusconi, promising to push through a pro-European reform agenda and fight populism.
12 декабря 2013
Berlusconi drops bid to oust govt in shock U-turn Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi abandoned his bid to topple Enrico Letta's government in a humiliating climbdown after key allies rebelled against his leadership.
03 октября 2013
Italy's Letta tipped to defeat Berlusconi challenge Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta is tipped to win a nail-biting parliamentary confidence vote Wednesday which would deal a major blow to Silvio Berlusconi but could leave Italy more frail than ever.
02 октября 2013
PDL (People of Freedom party) members. ©Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi Berlusconi's party MPs threaten mass resignation if he is expelled Lawmakers from Silvio Berlusconi's party threatened late Wednesday to resign en bloc if a senate committee votes to oust the former prime minister from parliament over a tax fraud conviction.
26 сентября 2013
Crunch week for Italy as Berlusconi battles sanction Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta has warned against instability as a parliamentary committee prepares for a debate starting Monday on Silvio Berlusconi's expulsion from the Senate following his criminal conviction.
09 сентября 2013
Italy government 'must forge ahead': Berlusconi Former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi said Sunday the government "must forge ahead" amid high tension on the political scene after he was handed his first definitive conviction by the country's highest court.
05 августа 2013
Italy's Berlusconi loses final appeal in landmark case Italy's ex-leader Silvio Berlusconi has lost his final appeal against a tax fraud sentence in a ruling that jolted the political establishment on Friday but left the government in place for now.
02 августа 2013
Berlusconi's fate in the balance in key trial hearings Italy's top court begins crucial hearings for former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi on Tuesday that will decide whether to confirm a one-year prison sentence and a five-year ban from politics.
30 июля 2013
Italian former premier Silvio Berlusconi. ©REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo Verdict expected in Berlusconi sex trial An Italian court is expected to deliver its verdict Monday on whether former premier Silvio Berlusconi paid for sex with an underage prostitute and abused his official powers.
24 июня 2013
Berlusconi affirms loyalty to coalition government Silvio Berlusconi affirmed over the weekend his centre-right movement's loyalty to the grand coalition government of Prime Minister Enrico Letta at a rally in a northern city which attracted noisy support and dissent.
13 мая 2013
Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. ©REUTERS/Yara Nardi Berlusconi says could support leftist president Italy's Silvio Berlusconi said he could consider supporting a candidate for president from his rivals on the left but only on condition that they form a grand coalition government with him.
13 апреля 2013
Berlusconi paid for sex with cash and favours: prosecutor Silvio Berlusconi hosted a "prostitution system" at his villa near Milan, where he paid women for sex with cash and favours.
05 марта 2013
Berlusconi vows to refund money from unpopular tax Former premier Silvio Berlusconi vowed Sunday to refund the money Italians have had to fork out for an unpopular property tax if his coalition wins this month's elections.
04 февраля 2013
©REUTERS Austerity carnival mocks Italy's elections Carnival workers in central Italy dusted off their Silvio Berlusconi masks and put the finishing touches to an anti-austerity float.
31 января 2013
Outrage as Berlusconi praises Mussolini on Holocaust Day Italy's gaffe-prone former premier Silvio Berlusconi sparked outrage Sunday with remarks praising wartime dictator Benito Mussolini despite Il Duce's persecution of Jews and allowing thousands to be deported to Auschwitz.
28 января 2013
Berlusconi closing in with month to go to Italy vote Former premier Silvio Berlusconi's zealous campaigning is closing the gap between the centre-right and left a month before the Italian general elections.
25 января 2013
'You need me': Berlusconi on new election run Italy's indefatigable former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi appeared on television Tuesday for the third time in as many days to vow a return to political life.
19 декабря 2012
Italy faces vote as Monti leaves, Berlusconi returns Italy was preparing prepared for early elections Sunday after Prime Minister Mario Monti said he would soon resign and Silvio Berlusconi announced he would run for the top job for the sixth time in two decades.
10 декабря 2012

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