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©REUTERS Sharks dive by the moon: study The moon and water temperature affect the diving behaviour of sharks, researchers reported Tuesday, in a discovery that could help prevent fishermen from catching the marine predators inadvertently.
17 апреля 2013
Man injured in east Australia shark attack A man survived an attack by a shark off Australia's east coast Friday, but lost a finger and suffered a serious bite to the thigh.
28 декабря 2012
Shark kills California surfer, second on same beach A shark killed a surfer near Santa Barbara, California on Tuesday, officials said, nearly two years to the day after another rare but deadly attack off the same US beach.
24 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of Costa Rica tightens ban on shark fins Costa Rica has banned the import of shark fins, closing a legal loophole and targeting a link in a global production chain stretching to Asian markets, where shark fin soup is seen as a delicacy.
12 октября 2012
©REUTERS/Tarmizy Harva Threatened shark species turning up in US restaurants: study Threatened shark species are being used to make shark fin soup, a delicacy in Chinese cuisine, in several US cities, according to an unprecedented study based on DNA testing.
11 августа 2012
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