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04.09.2014 14:09 Cinema, Music
The "Frozen" princess stars of Disney's Oscar-winning animated film are set to return in a short sequel to be released next spring.
08.08.2014 10:55 Cinema, Music
Hollywood is relying more than ever on the cash cow that is the safe-bet sequel
25.11.2013 12:10 Cinema, Music
"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" took in $161.1 million at the North American box office this weekend in one of the biggest movie debuts ever, industry estimates showed Sunday.
08.10.2013 11:02 Art, Books
Bridget Jones returns after a 14-year break on Thursday, in a new book which sees the famed British singleton widowed with two children but still grappling with modern life and unsuitable men.
02.08.2013 18:38 Cinema, Music
Canadian director James Cameron is making three sequels to his film "Avatar," which will be released between 2016 and 2018, Fox Studios announced Thursday.
06.05.2013 11:51 Cinema, Music
Super-hero blockbuster sequel "Iron Man 3" smashed to the top at the US box office with a mega $175.3 million take -- the second best opening weekend ever.
03.04.2013 16:55 Cinema, Music
A sequel to animated fish saga "Finding Nemo" is set to splash onto the big screen in North America in November 2015.
11.11.2012 10:39 Art, Books
The accident-prone British thirty-something Bridget Jones is to return in a third novel next year, her creator Helen Fielding announced on Friday.