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NASA counts down to dramatic Mars landing With a mixture of tense nerves and confidence, NASA counted down Sunday to the landing of its largest ever robotic rover on Mars, where it will search for signs that life may once have existed.
06 августа 2012
Crunch time looms in quest for 'God particle' A nearly 50-year bid to explain a riddle of fundamental matter faces a key moment on Wednesday when physicists unveil fresh data in their search for a particle called the Higgs boson.
04 июля 2012
31 Kazakhstan citizens are wanted by Interpol Three of the most "popular" charges include Fraud (16 cases), Organized Crime (10 cases) and Threat to Life and Health (5 cases).
02 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan citizens Yandex search UAE and China Yandex search engine defined the most popular travel destinations of its Kazakhstan users. The UAE and China are the most popular destinations.
18 июня 2011
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