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©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan can eliminate three-shift education only in 2016 Meanwhile, in relation to the migration processes and demographic growth, the number of 3-shift schools remains high: Finance Minister.
19 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of Denying girls school entrenches poverty: report Millions of girls worldwide are condemned to lives of hardship because they don't go to school, an education gap that entrenches broader extreme poverty.
13 октября 2012
©REUTERS Muslim girl cannot skip swim class: German court A German court on Friday refused to allow a Muslim student to skip swimming lessons after she said she was uncomfortable being so close to bare-chested boys.
29 сентября 2012
Chicago teachers vote to end strike: officials Chicago school teachers voted Tuesday to end a high-profile strike that affected hundreds of thousands of children and sparked an acrimonious stand-off with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
19 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of 'Noses' hone senses at Paris perfume school Bent over strips of blotting paper, senses primed and notebooks in hand: this is how generations of "noses" have honed their art at the world-famous Givaudan perfumery school near Paris.
08 сентября 2012
Carved chess. ©RIA Novosti Chess became part of school curriculum in Karaganda schools Karaganda city authorities decided to introduce chess into the school curriculum after Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's (FIDE President) visit.
07 сентября 2012
Zhansaya Abdumalik. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev Chess might become part of school curriculum Kazakhstan chess champion Zhansya Abdumalik approached Nursultan Nazarbayev with the idea to introduce chess into the school curriculum.
05 сентября 2012
Nursultan Nazarbayev told young people about the secret of success. Photo by Renat Tashkinbayev© Not everyone should go to universities, Nazarbayev told school students Kazakhstan President talked to school students right after the official opening of Lyceum School No.70 in Astana.
05 сентября 2012
Taylor Swift. ©REUTERS/Danny Moloshok Online pranksters plot Taylor Swift gig for deaf kids Country pop diva Taylor Swift could find herself singing to deaf youngsters if social media pranksters have their way.
31 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Sexual Proficiency School to be opened in Almaty Psychologists, gynecologists and other experts will instruct the school's clients about sex in Almaty Sexual Proficiency School.
28 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Every schoolchild in Kazakhstan should speak Kazakh by 2020 President Nazarbayev has clearly stated that having 100 percent of Kazakhstan school graduates speak the Kazakh language by 2020 is a strategic goal: Education Vice-Minister.
24 августа 2012
Students occupy Chile schools in call for reforms Students demanding education reform briefly occupied two schools in the Chilean capital Monday, the latest move aimed at drawing attention to their cause.
16 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Hong Kong parents protest China patriotism lessons Thousands of stroller-pushing Hong Kong parents and activists Sunday protested a plan to introduce national education lessons, slamming it as a bid to brainwash children with Chinese propaganda.
30 июля 2012
©REUTERS Training of polylingual teachers will start this year in Kazakhstan Training of polylingual teachers will start this year in Kazakhstan. On July 9 there was a meeting to discuss development of polylingual education in Kazakhstan.
10 июля 2012
©Tengrinews Kazakhstan schools will be transfered to 12-year education in 2015-2020 Kazakhstan schools will be resupplied and reequipped to enable their transit from 11-year to 12-year eduction system.
29 июня 2012
The prom at Nazarbayev Intellectual School. Photo by  Danial Okassov© Majority of Kazakhstan school graduates choose technical majors 163,845 students will graduate from school this year. Over 5 thousand of them are candidates for Altyn Belgi (Gold Medal) award.
28 мая 2012
Photo by  Danial Okassov© Only 22% of schoolchildren go to sport clubs in Kazakhstan Lack of sports facilities could hinder the development of popular sports in Kazakhstan.
28 мая 2012 stock photo Kazakhstan schoolchildren won two gold medals in Georgia International Olympiad Kazakhstan schoolchildren won 12 medals in the 6th International Olympiad of Junior Scientists and Inventors that was held in Tbilisi.
03 мая 2012
Prom dresses. Kazakhstan designers told about tendencies in prom dresses fashion Kazakhstan designers told correspondent about tendencies in prom dresses fashion.
01 мая 2012
Intellectual School pupils. Photo courtesy of Almost 19% of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools pupils became academic Olympiads prize-winners Almost 19% of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools pupils have received awards of different scientific projects, contests and International and National Academic Olympiads.
29 февраля 2012

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