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Line removes satirical Thai royal family emoticons A set of emoticons satirising Thailand's royal family have been removed by the messaging application Line.
07 апреля 2016
A street car named satire: 'Kabul Taxi' lampoons Afghanistan From ridiculing warlords to poking fun at the political elite, a crop of covertly run Afghan satirical outlets are resonating widely with disenchanted citizens.
15 сентября 2015
Pakistan's answer to 'The Onion' tackles tough topics with satire From a mullah who wants a military operation against women wearing jeans to "uncircumcised" Islamic State fighters, a satirical Pakistani website is using humour to shine a light on current affairs in the turbulent nation.
14 августа 2015
©REUTERS Austerity carnival mocks Italy's elections Carnival workers in central Italy dusted off their Silvio Berlusconi masks and put the finishing touches to an anti-austerity float.
31 января 2013
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