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09.03.2016 20:08 Gadgets
Iran fired two more long-range ballistic missiles on Wednesday as it continued military tests in defiance of US sanctions and fresh warnings from Washington.
03.03.2016 17:31 Markets
New United Nations sanctions against nuclear-armed North Korea leave plenty of room for China to continue business as usual.
03.03.2016 00:17 Politics
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that he had sealed a pact with the country's oil majors to freeze production.
19.01.2016 14:13 Markets
Iran announced a major boost in oil production on Monday after the lifting of sanctions under its nuclear deal.
24.12.2015 17:43 Markets
Ukraine is responding to Moscow's food embargo with "mirror sanctions" of its own, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced.
09.12.2015 18:24 Politics
EU nations may delay a decision on whether to roll over economic sanctions against Russia.
26.11.2015 10:49 Finance
Sanctions against Russia over its involvement in the Ukraine crisis could be lifted if Moscow fulfils commitments it made to help resolve the conflict, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said.
13.10.2015 13:14 Politics
European Union nations have agreed to suspend sanctions against Belarus after elections won by authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko passed off without incident.
17.09.2015 11:07 Politics
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko expanded a list of sanctions against Russian companies and individuals held responsible for the ex-Soviet state's eastern uprising and for Moscow's annexation of Crimea.
08.09.2015 16:20 Military
The United States has asked Greece to ban Russian supply flights to Syria from its airspace, amid growing US fears that Moscow is increasing its military backing for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
19.08.2015 10:19 Crime
Russian police said they had detained an "international criminal gang" that produced contraband cheese worth some $30 million using banned Western ingredients.
08.08.2015 13:44 Markets
The EU formally extended until next year a multi-million-euro aid package to help European fruit and vegetable growers hit by Russian sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.
07.08.2015 11:40 Markets
Russian officials steamrolled tonnes of cheese, fruit and vegetables, defying public outrage to begin a controversial drive to destroy Western food smuggled into the crisis-hit country.
30.07.2015 10:28 Markets
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree ordering the destruction of Western food smuggled into the country in breach of an official embargo.
25.06.2015 11:38 Markets
Russian President Vladimir Putin extended a ban against most Western food imports for a year, saying the longer-than-expected measure would ensure the country's security.
19.06.2015 13:49 Finance
EU member states agreed to extend damaging economic sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis by another six months to the end of January 2016.
18.06.2015 16:28 Markets
Moscow will extend its embargo on European Union agricultural products but is unlikely to go further if the EU extends sanctions as expected.
08.06.2015 16:20 Politics
US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Western sanctions must remain in place against Russia until it complies with a ceasefire deal with Ukraine.
19.05.2015 23:54 Markets
Kazakhstan’s stance is very clear: sanctions come and go, whereas long-term strategic partnerships are here to stay for a long time: Kairat Kelimbetov.
28.04.2015 17:47 Finance
President Hassan Rouhani warned that middlemen who have circumvented sanctions will need to "think of another job."
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