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Saiga bodies scattered across the steppe. Photo courtesy of Foreign experts present findings on mass saiga pestilence in Kazakhstan Foreign experts have finally presented their preliminary findings into the tragic pestilence of hundreds of thousands of rare saiga antelopes in Kazakhstan.
10 августа 2015
Photo courtesy of South African experts study causes of saiga pestilence in Kazakhstan Causes of the recent massive die-out of rare saiga antelopes in Kazakhstan is studied by South African specialists.
07 июля 2015
Photo courtesy of Russia suspects pasteurellosis as cause of saiga die off in Kazakhstan Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance has commented on the mass saigas die off in Kazakhstan.
02 июня 2015
Over 90,000 rare saiga antelopes dead in Kazakhstan in 10 days The number of endangered rare saiga antelopes found dead in Kazakhstan over the past two weeks has reached 90,000.
26 мая 2015
Photo courtesy of Saiga to be reintroduced into the market: Kazakhstan Minister Kazakhstan Minister of Environment declared that saiga antelopes may be reintroduced into the market after the population is large enough.
13 июня 2014
© American dog trainers bring detector dogs to Almaty, help Kazakhstan stop saiga horn trafficking to China Almaty customs officers have got four detection dogs from Europe and America. The joint effort is called to help save the dwindling saiga antelope population in Kazakhstan.
13 мая 2014
3,000 saiga antelopes die in Akmola and Karaganda oblasts Mortality of 3 thousand saiga antelopes has been registered in Akmola and Karaganda oblasts in central Kazakhstan.
11 сентября 2013 file photo Saiga population doubles in Kazakhstan in 5 years The population growth has not been affected even by poachers who hunt saiga for its horns used in Chinese medicine.
24 июня 2013
Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry to bring population of saiga to half a million Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture is planning to raise the population of saiga antelopes to half a million in Kazakhstan.
16 июля 2012 stock photo Saiga population increased by one third in Kazakhstan Saiga antelopes population has increased by more than one third in Kazakhstan in two years.
13 июля 2012
Saiga antelopes die in Kostanay oblast again Pasteurellosis is quoted as the most likely cause of the new surge of saiga's deaths in Kazakhstan.
25 мая 2012
©REUTERS Massimov discussed saiga mortality in western Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Karim Massimov discussed thesituation around large number of saiga dieing in West Kazakhstan oblast.
31 мая 2011
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