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11.05.2016 19:46 Laws, Initiatives
A Significant Safety Concern (SSC) in Kazakhstan has been finally resolved through joint efforts in early May. This leaves no crucial concerns indicated by ICAO for Kazakhstan unresolved.
21.04.2016 17:32 Emergencies
A drone flying at more than 2,000 metres altitude came close to an Aer Lingus plane as it approached Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport.
28.09.2015 19:22 Markets
Kazakhstan's compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards has risen from 47 to 65 percent.
26.08.2015 20:50 Military
Kazakhstan and Belarus along with other CIS countries have expressed interested in purchasing Russian air drone Eleron.
16.06.2015 13:40 Politics
Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approve agreement on the establishment of LEU Bank in Kazakhstan.
05.06.2015 01:14 Politics
According to EBRD President Sir Suma Chakrabarti, food in Kazakhstan is very delicious and the best wheat in the world grows in this Central Asian country.
21.12.2014 11:48 Entertainment, Style
More than 250 minor tremors have rattled the Florence region over the past three days, sparking alarm in Italy over the safety of Michelangelo's "David" statue.
11.12.2014 15:47 Crime
Cyber crime is a serious threat to safety in the skies, aviation industry heavyweights said, vowing to fight the growing scourge before it causes a catastrophic incident.
30.10.2014 12:04 Politics
Canada announced stricter railway safety measures following last year's runaway train disaster in Quebec that killed 47 people.
26.09.2014 18:37 Emergencies
A military aircraft has crashed in Kazakhstan's Almaty Oblast killing both pilots. Causes are being investigated and the issue of air security in Kazakhstan is once again at the forefront.
19.03.2014 14:40 Health
Chinese authorities have found 157 dead pigs in a river, state media said Wednesday, a year after 16,000 carcasses were discovered in Shanghai's main waterway, underscoring the country's food safety problems.
19.03.2014 09:51 Auto
General Motors announced its second massive recall in two months on Monday as it works to contain a growing scandal over the safety of its vehicles.
15.03.2014 13:44 Emergencies
A fire which sparked the evacuation of a major underground US nuclear waste plant last month was preventable, according to a report out Friday highlighting safety lapses at the site.
12.03.2014 13:00 Environment
Kazakhstan Emergencies Minister offered no support to the idea of Mels Yeleussizov to move all the petrol filling stations out of Almaty.
21.02.2014 21:13 Auto
Import of some of the low-cost cars has been banned in Kazakhstan.
18.01.2014 14:20 Religion
Lifeguards have shared tips and warnings about ice swimming.
08.01.2014 11:30 Internet
Kazakhstan has entered INHOPE to step up its fight against illegal content.
11.12.2013 14:21 Politics
The Netherlands is planning to become Kazakhstan's partner in ensuring food security: Netherlands Ambassador to Kazakhstan.
10.12.2013 19:41 Industry, Infrastructure
A direct flight between Almaty and Warsaw is going to be established in Q1 2014, Jacek Kluczkowski, Poland’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan says.
26.11.2013 14:49 Markets
Several flea markets are being demolished in Almaty.
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