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24.06.2014 04:16 Art, Books
A row between Tokyo and Taipei over the loan of a host of treasured artefacts to Japan has been solved, Taiwanese officials said, with the exhibition set to open on schedule.
09.01.2014 12:32 Politics
President Barack Obama invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Washington on Wednesday, hoping to mend fences after a row provoked by revelations of US eavesdropping on her cellphone.
22.10.2013 12:52 Politics
The US has become embroiled in a new row over its controversial spying programme as allies France and Mexico condemned revelations Washington tapped millions of phonecalls and hacked into leaders' emails.
13.09.2013 12:23 Religion
Almaty Central Mosque commented on the sex row over the Mosque’s school.
15.08.2013 18:31 Politics
Gibraltar is pleased that Spain is "at last" thinking of taking its longstanding dispute over the sovereignty of the British outpost to international courts.
14.08.2013 18:49 Politics
Britain on Tuesday said it would lodge a formal complaint with Spain after drivers were subjected to five-hour-long queues to cross into the tiny British outpost of Gibraltar, in a growing diplomatic row.
25.10.2012 14:52 Politics
This is merely an opinion of one person: Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry's press-service.
31.07.2012 20:55 Politics
Two incidents involving Kazakhstan symbols at London Olympics-2012 outrage the country's citizens.
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