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Taiwan Japan museum row solved A row between Tokyo and Taipei over the loan of a host of treasured artefacts to Japan has been solved, Taiwanese officials said, with the exhibition set to open on schedule.
24 июня 2014
U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ©Reuters/Grigory Dukor Obama invites Merkel to Washington after phone-tap row President Barack Obama invited German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Washington on Wednesday, hoping to mend fences after a row provoked by revelations of US eavesdropping on her cellphone.
09 января 2014
US hit by new spying row amid anger in France, Mexico The US has become embroiled in a new row over its controversial spying programme as allies France and Mexico condemned revelations Washington tapped millions of phonecalls and hacked into leaders' emails.
22 октября 2013
Almaty Central Mosque. Photo courtesy of Almaty Central Mosque comments on sex row Almaty Central Mosque commented on the sex row over the Mosque’s school.
13 сентября 2013
Gibraltar leader 'happy' with Spain plans to take row to court Gibraltar is pleased that Spain is "at last" thinking of taking its longstanding dispute over the sovereignty of the British outpost to international courts.
15 августа 2013
Britain to protest as Gibraltar border queues return Britain on Tuesday said it would lodge a formal complaint with Spain after drivers were subjected to five-hour-long queues to cross into the tiny British outpost of Gibraltar, in a growing diplomatic row.
14 августа 2013
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry commented row over Chinese article insulting Kazakh women This is merely an opinion of one person: Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry's press-service.
25 октября 2012
Kazakhstan features two holes at Olympics Two incidents involving Kazakhstan symbols at London Olympics-2012 outrage the country's citizens.
31 июля 2012
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