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©Reuters/Beawiharta Geneticists offer clues to better rice, tomato crops Scientists laid bare the genetic codes of African rice and a type of wild tomato, data they said should help breed more resilient crops.
29 июля 2014
S. Korea lifts rice import caps, but vows high tariffs South Korea announced it would scrap rice import caps from next year, but said high tariffs would be imposed to prevent a damaging surge that would hurt local farmers.
18 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Stop importing food, support local producers: Kazakh Senator Kazakhstani lawmaker Kozhakhmet Baimakhanov believes Kazakhstan can meet the demand for rice and flour without importing the goods.
05 апреля 2014
©Reuters/Arko Datta Nuclear war to 'end civilization' with famine: study A nuclear war between India and Pakistan would set off a global famine that could kill two billion people and effectively end human civilization, a study said Tuesday.
10 декабря 2013
Rice field. ©REUTERS/Jayanta Dey Roots breakthrough for drought-resistant rice Japanese biotechnologists on Sunday said they had developed a rice plant with deeper roots that can sustain high yields in droughts that wipe out conventional rice crops.
05 августа 2013
Gambia's President Al Hadji Yahya Jammeh. ©REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Gambia to ban rice imports from 2016: president Gambian President Yahya Jammeh said Sunday the west African country would ban rice imports from 2016, in a bid to boost demand for local produce and move towards self sufficiency.
17 июня 2013
©REUTERS Salt-tolerant rice bred at Philippines institute Scientists have successfully bred a rice variety that is salt-tolerant, which could enable farmers to reclaim coastal areas rendered useless by sea water.
17 апреля 2013
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