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12.08.2015 11:54 Crime
The Ikea branch in central Sweden where two shoppers were fatally stabbed -- reportedly with knives taken from the shelves -- will temporarily stop knife sales.
16.12.2014 13:54 Markets
Global furniture giant Ikea opens its first store in South Korea, a much-anticipated market entry that has stumbled at a number of commercial and cultural hurdles along the way.
16.10.2014 13:21 Companies
Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, cut its sales forecast for its next fiscal year and projected a drop in capital spending.
13.06.2014 13:10 Strange News
More than 300 Chinese space enthusiasts have booked tickets costing nearly $100,000 for a five minute trip to outer space, official media reported.
06.12.2013 15:00 Entertainment, Style
Black Friday and Boxing day, all in one are coming to Almaty to sweep the Kazakhstani shoppers off their feet with blowout bargains as a part of Satu Fest.
29.11.2013 15:10 Companies
Walmart, the biggest retailer in the United States, is opening its first-ever stores in the US capital -- but some aren't giving it a warm welcome.
26.11.2013 14:49 Markets
Several flea markets are being demolished in Almaty.