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13.08.2015 18:14 Politics
The residence of Kazakhstan's President Akorda is the third most beautiful presidential palace in the world according to
11.09.2014 16:42 Politics
Afghan President has decided a lavish residence specially built for his imminent retirement is too big and he will move into a more modest home instead.
23.04.2014 10:38 Entertainment, Style
Schoenbrunn Palace was Marie-Antoinette's summer childhood home and the beautiful and tragic Sissi's favoured residence. Mozart performed there as a child and Napoleon was so smitten he moved in -- twice.
23.04.2013 19:09 People
1,202 Kazakhstan citizens naturalized in the U.S. in 2012: 664 of them are close relatives of U.S. citizens, 247 received residence via the Green Card lottery and 129 received the refugee status.
16.03.2012 12:46 People
UN Human Rights Committee received a complaint of violation of the international covenant on civil and political rights by Kazakhstan authorities.