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16.07.2015 18:29 Politics
Starting from July 16 of this year until the end of 2017, Kazakhstan introduces a visa-free regime for 19 countries.
04.06.2014 09:05 Politics
Bulgaria has simplified the visa regime for Kazakhstan.
07.10.2013 12:42 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry said Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad could take "credit" for quickly starting the process of destroying his regime's chemical weapons arsenal and thanked Russia for its help.
26.08.2013 20:07 Politics
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Western claims his regime used chemical weapons were an "insult to common sense".
26.08.2013 18:46 Politics
Military action against the Syrian regime would be a "tragic mistake", Russia said Sunday, warning the West not to preempt the results of a UN probe into alleged deadly chemical attacks.
20.06.2013 13:51 Unrest
Syria's opposition vowed Wednesday to fight on to topple President Bashar al-Assad, saying any political solution to the conflict must lead to the fall of the regime.
14.06.2013 19:06 Companies
Britain's BBC on Thursday accused the Iranian regime of perpetrating "unprecedented levels of intimidation" against families of its employees on the eve of the country's presidential vote.
12.06.2013 15:41 Unrest
At least 60 Shiite villagers died in clashes with rebels in eastern Syria while twin suicide bombings hit Damascus as the West moved to support the opposition following battlefield losses against pro-regime forces.
04.06.2013 13:56 Unrest
A missile strike near Syria's biggest city Aleppo killed 26 people and government warplanes pounded Qusayr.
06.05.2013 16:24 Laws, Initiatives
Libya's General National Congress, under pressure from militiamen, on Sunday voted through a controversial law to exclude former regime officials from public posts in a move that could see the premier removed from office.
30.04.2013 15:32 Politics
President Barack Obama stepped up pressure on Russia over Syria on Monday, telling President Vladimir Putin of his concern about the reported use of chemical weapons by the Damascus regime.
29.04.2013 16:25 Unrest
Republican lawmakers stepped up calls for US action against Syria Sunday in the face of growing evidence that it used chemical weapons against its population in a bitter civil war.
15.03.2013 18:05 Politics
Governments and agencies must be wary of drowning Myanmar with well-intentioned but ill-targeted aid, experts warned Thursday, admonishing the global community to "first do no harm."
05.03.2013 19:11 Politics
Amnesty International called on Fiji's military regime to launch an urgent investigation Tuesday into an online video that appears to show two men being tortured by officials.
16.02.2013 10:00 Military
North Korea can never be made to abandon its nuclear weapons programme, South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak said Friday, arguing that only regime collapse could remove the threat from Pyongyang.
18.01.2013 10:53 Unrest
Rebels trying to break a months-long deadlock in their battle for Syria's second city Aleppo say they are cutting supply routes ahead of simultaneous assaults on regime bases.
09.01.2013 13:31 Religion
In the heart of Syria's rebel territory, away from the blasts and bullets of the frontlines, another struggle is playing out: one for a new justice system that could shape the future face of the country should the regime fall.
30.12.2012 13:08 Unrest
Forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday seized a district of the central city of Homs after a fierce assault that sparked a humanitarian crisis.
29.12.2012 13:33 Politics
Russia, one of the few powers to maintain links with the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, has sent an invitation for talks to the head of the opposition Syria National Coalition.
25.12.2012 17:16 Politics
Peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi held "constructive" talks in Syria with President Bashar al-Assad, as Washington warned Monday that his regime's days are numbered.
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