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25.06.2015 20:39 Environment
Construction of a hazardous waste recycling plant is planned in Pavlodar.
08.11.2014 19:45 Industry, Infrastructure
A hazardous waste recycling plant worth $100 million will be built in Pavlodar in Kazakhstan’s north.
28.07.2014 18:20 Science, Technologies
Nazarbayev University scientists have developed a method of restoring and cleaning office paper.
24.06.2014 19:43 Industry, Infrastructure
According to the Association of Kazakhstan Auto Business (AKAB) president Andrey Lavrentiyev, it takes $425 million to introduce recycling of used cars in Kazakhstan.
28.01.2014 20:56 Industry, Infrastructure
The first recycling plant for used tires has been launched in Kyzylorda city in southern Kazakhstan.
28.05.2013 11:03 Science, Technologies
China's commercial hub Shanghai plans to turn recycled cooking oil, some of it seized by authorities, into an environmental asset by converting it into fuel for vehicles.
28.01.2013 10:01 Environment
Recycling entrepreneur Tom Szaky is stubbing out the world's cigarette problem -- one butt at a time.
03.08.2012 16:07 Laws, Initiatives
This standard will officially come into effect on July 1, 2013, almost a year after its approval.
11.06.2012 16:04 Environment
Only 5% of all waste produced in Kazakhstan is recycled, with the other waste being kept at dumps.
07.12.2011 11:22 Science, Technologies
Almaty domestic wastes are used for production of utensils, construction materials, elements of playgrounds and packing materials.