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26.01.2015 15:56 Emergencies
Azamat Shayakhmetov, a brother of the only survivor in the crash of the AN-2 in Kazakhstan's Zhambyl Oblast, has shared the details of the crash that he learned from his sister.
25.08.2014 15:13 Finance
IMF chief C. Lagarde wants Germany to play a bigger role in propelling economic recovery in Europe, suggesting that German wages should rise.
25.10.2013 10:46 Finance
Brazilian state prosecutors are seeking to recover almost $100m from football's global governing body FIFA which was spent on temporary structures at venues for next year's World Cup.
08.01.2013 14:11 Politics
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received a standing ovation from her staff and an American football helmet to protect her from Washington's hard knocks as she returned to work after a health scare.
03.01.2013 10:30 People
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton left a New York hospital late Wednesday after three days of treatment and is expected to make a full recovery from a rare blood clot in her head.
17.12.2012 12:05 People
Hugo Chavez's first words after emerging from surgery were "How are my (Venezuelan) people?" according to officials, who proclaimed here Friday that the ailing leader is on the road to recovery.
20.10.2012 10:44 Markets
Libya's economy has made a swift recovery after the 2011 conflict, with oil production returning to near normal levels: but insecurity is holding up reconstruction and keeping foreign companies at bay.
14.08.2012 15:33 Military
Britain's military will take two years to return to normal after it was called upon to provide 18,000 troops for the London Olympics, the chief planner warned in an interview published Tuesday.