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10.02.2016 15:34 Education
13 million pupils in OECD countries fail to attain a sufficient level of proficiency in either reading, maths or science by the age of 15.
11.12.2014 16:02 Politics
The first regional media forum has taken place in Kazakhstan to address the problems faced by Kazakhstani media outlets, including competitiveness and information security.
29.09.2014 17:58 Politics
Pakistan Ambassador to Kazakhstan Shaukat Ali Mukadam said that living standards in Kazakhstan were very high.
11.12.2013 14:41 Cinema, Music
When he sees people listening to music on portable digital devices, David Chesky cringes.
22.09.2013 16:28 Health
Medical professionals are being massively tested for professional suitability for the first time in Kazakhstan.
16.07.2013 17:13 Industry, Infrastructure
Almaty Subway has been conferred ESQR's Quality Achievement Award 2013 in the Gold Category on July 7 in London.
10.04.2013 16:44 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications insists on hiring foreign companies to check and accept Kazakhstan roads into service.
25.10.2012 12:47 Finance
Quality of life for Canadians has dropped significantly since the last recession in 2008, even though indicators show a rebound in the economy, said a study published Tuesday.
12.06.2012 10:41 Politics
Affordable Housing-2020 program was discussed at the Government meeting on June 5.
10.04.2012 20:15 Emergencies
German-made mineral water with high content of mercury was discovered in one of the supermarkets of Aktau.
12.03.2012 15:14 Laws, Initiatives
Fines for producing low-quality goods may be increased 5-fold in Kazakhstan.
27.02.2012 12:37 Markets
Commission for Technical Regulation and Metrology stated big number of detected violations during retail sales of fuel in 2011.
16.02.2012 14:44 Finance
Economic indexes are signaling an improvement in the people’s lives.
24.10.2011 18:39 Health
Kazakhstan is planning to spend 100 billion tenge ($680 million) to improve life quality of disabled people.
27.09.2011 18:11 Markets
163 hotels were inspected in Astana. 50 percent of the hotels in the capital look good: Expert.
23.06.2011 17:33 Kazakhstan
Any car-owner willing to check the quality of petrol filled into his car can ask for an expert evaluation of the fuel.
21.04.2011 16:01 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstani exporters may now use ILAC-MRA-NCA compination certification mark that means correspondence to the international technical regulations.
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