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Arm Syrian rebels or risk rise of extremism: McCain The United States must deepen its engagement in Syria by equipping the rebels or setting up a safe zone to protect the opposition.
08 июня 2013
©REUTERS Indonesia extends logging ban to protect rainforest Indonesia has extended a logging ban aimed at protecting rainforest despite fierce industry pressure.
15 мая 2013
DiCaprio environmental art auction tops $33 million Leonardo DiCaprio urged wealthy art collectors Monday to bid at an environmental charity auction in New York as if the planet's fate "depends on us" -- and they responded by splashing out $33.3 million.
14 мая 2013
©REUTERS Indonesia moves towards approving deforestation plan The Indonesian government has said it aims to approve within a month a plan that would free up vast swathes of protected virgin rainforest on Sumatra island for commercial exploitation.
19 апреля 2013
The very few golden eagles, included into the endangered species list, might be left in Kazakhstan. ©Vladimir Prokopenko There may be no steppe eagles left in Kazakhstan in 50 year The project Make your contribution. Preserve the nature kicked off in 2012 to restore the number of golden eagles in Kazakhstan.
01 марта 2013 stock photo Stone dam protects Astana from floods: Emergency Situations Minister Astana Maslikhat (local executive body) increased the anti-flood budget 15-fold in 2013.
19 февраля 2013
New York wraps up five years of handing out free condoms New York City this week marked the fifth anniversary of a groundbreaking free condom program that has distributed tens of millions free rubbers, under the racy slogan "NYC Condoms -- Get Some!"
16 февраля 2013
Photo courtesy of Internet users seeking more 'invisibility': study Consumer efforts to protect personal data and remain "invisible" online is leading to a "data blackhole" that could adversely impact digital advertisers.
06 февраля 2013
Australia failing UNESCO demands on Barrier Reef: WWF Australia insisted Friday that protecting the Great Barrier Reef was a top priority, but conservationists WWF said not enough had been done to prevent UNESCO deeming it a world heritage site "in danger".
02 февраля 2013
Solomons seeks to prevent mass dolphin killings The Solomon Islands on Friday urged villagers to stop the mass slaughter of dolphins, saying the traditional practice was damaging the Pacific nation's tourism industry.
01 февраля 2013
French, Malian troops patrol Timbuktu after hero's welcome French and Malian forces were patrolling Mali's fabled desert city of Timbuktu on Tuesday, after a hero's welcome following their lightning advance north.
30 января 2013
Amid rape fears, Indian party gives knives to women A far-right political party is distributing thousands of knives to women in a western Indian state to help them protect themselves after a fatal gang-rape last month alarmed the country.
27 января 2013
Indian PM appeals for calm, vows to protect women Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urged calm and vowed to protect women as police on Monday struggled to quell increasing outrage over sex crimes following the gang-rape of a student.
24 декабря 2012
Australia creates world's largest marine reserves Australia Friday created the world's largest network of marine reserves, protecting a huge swathe of ocean environment despite claims it will devastate the fishing industry.
16 ноября 2012
Australian Climate Minister Greg Combet. ©Photo courtesy of Australia to sign up for Kyoto 2 Key greenhouse gas emitter Australia on Friday said it will sign up for a second round of the Kyoto Protocol environmental protection treaty, but New Zealand opted out.
09 ноября 2012
Alakol Lake. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan wants Alakol lake in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Kazakhstan’s Man and Biosphere Committee drafted a proposal on including Alakol Lake into the UNESCO Network of Biosphere Reserves.
15 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of 30 endangered Bukhar deers releaseed in southern Kazakhstan The deers will still be living behind barriers for some time; however, the habitat is very similar to their natural life environment.
02 октября 2012
Houbara bustard. Photo courtesy of PHOTO: 100 houbara bustards from UAE freed in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan ornithologists will follow the birds’ routes using transmitters to find out what percentage of the freed birds survives.
21 сентября 2012
Clinton denies any advance warning of Libya attack Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied that Washington was warned of an imminent attack in Libya, stressing the United States would not rest until those behind the killings of four Americans are brought to justice.
20 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of Endangered languages get a Google protection plan Google on Tuesday unveiled an online information exchange platform to try to give some extra lasting power to more than 3,000 endangered languages.
18 июля 2012
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