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18.03.2015 14:16 Science, Technologies
A terrifying killer liquid metal robot from a blockbuster "Terminator" science fiction film has inspired what was heralded here as a revolution in 3D printing.
09.01.2014 17:49 Science, Technologies
A 3D printing trend playing out at the Consumer Electronics Show bodes a future in which shoes, eyeglass frames, toys and more are printed at home as easily as documents.
18.12.2013 10:56 Science, Technologies
Neuroscientists on Tuesday said they had used an inkjet printer to print cells from the eye, making a practical step in the quest to grow replenishment tissue for damaged or diseased organs.
28.05.2013 17:46 Environment
Authorities in a protest-hit Chinese city are making people who buy white T-shirts or print or photocopy banners show identity cards and register their real names.
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