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25.06.2014 11:17 Crime
Spain's Princess Cristina, a sister of the new King Felipe VI, will discover Wednesday whether she faces the threat of an unprecedented criminal corruption trial.
17.01.2014 09:56 People
A garden gnome, a chocolate royal coach and a falconry glove were among the gifts presented to Britain's royal household last year.
12.07.2013 14:30 Crime
A Saudi princess was to be released from US jail on bail after being charged with enslaving a Kenyan woman, forcing her to work in abusive conditions and withholding her passport.
11.03.2013 17:34 Politics
Swedish Princess Lilian, who waited over three decades to marry her lifelong love Prince Bertil, passed away at her Stockholm home on Sunday at the age of 97.
27.10.2012 15:05 Cinema, Music
Once upon a time a major US animation studio crowned a character who was billed its first Latina princess. Then out came the big bad critics, and Disney ran away.
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