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27.07.2013 11:02 Health
A class of drugs designed to lower blood pressure also slightly brakes the progression of dementia among the elderly and may even boost brain power marginally.
02.07.2013 17:47 Politics
Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Monday accused US President Barack Obama of "pressuring the leaders" of countries from which he has sought protection.
21.06.2013 18:41 Politics
Europe must take a firmer line with Iran over its controversial nuclear programme, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday at the start of a working meeting with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.
17.06.2013 10:03 Politics
World leaders head to the G8 summit in Northern Ireland on Monday looking to put pressure on Russia to back away from its support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad amid growing Western efforts to arm the rebels.
26.02.2013 10:42 Politics
John Kerry will push his Russian counterpart to apply pressure on Syria when they meet during the new US Secretary of State's marathon tour of allies.
30.11.2012 16:07 Politics
Delegates from more than 60 countries gathered in Tokyo Friday, seeking to ramp up pressure on Bashar al-Assad's regime as the US moved towards recognising the newly-unified opposition as true leaders of Syria.
15.10.2012 15:34 Politics
Europe's foreign ministers will sharply ramp up the pressure on Iran and Syria at talks Monday, while taking a "big step" in Africa by agreeing to assist Mali reconquer its north from rebels and Islamist extremists.
28.09.2012 18:39 Politics
The leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority both address the UN on Thursday, one seeking recognition for his state, the other warning of a dire threat to his.
28.09.2012 18:29 Politics
A flurry of polls showing widening leads for President Barack Obama Wednesday heaped pressure on Mitt Romney to use their first head-to-head debate next week to launch a major comeback bid.
26.09.2012 16:45 Politics
Western and Arab leaders ramped up the pressure on Syria and Iran at the United Nations on Tuesday, as US President Barack Obama vowed to keep Tehran from getting its hands on nuclear weapons.
20.09.2012 11:38 Environment
Scientists in California have shed light on a marine mystery: how diving mammals can hunt for food at great depths without getting the "bends".
31.08.2012 17:32 Politics
Through an unmarked door, down a passageway and behind a padlocked metal gate lies a room littered with cell phones that is the nerve centre of an underground effort by Angolan rappers to monitor Friday's vote.
13.07.2012 11:59 Unrest
Pressure mounted on Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday as Western powers drew up a 10-day sanctions ultimatum.