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Obama raps Romney on 'victims' comment Barack Obama said Tuesday presidents must represent all of America, not just their own core voters, capitalizing on Mitt Romney's gaffe that 47 percent of his countrymen were tax-dodging "victims."
19 сентября 2012
Karzai won't try to stay in office: former US envoy Afghan President Hamid Karzai is unlikely to try to bend the rules to stay in office once his term ends in 2014, former US ambassador to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, said.
18 сентября 2012
'Tested and proven' Obama asks for second term US President Barack Obama Thursday implored Americans to grant him a second term to complete his battered crusade for change, warning of the starkest election choice in a generation.
07 сентября 2012
Clinton believes in Obama 'with all my heart' Bill Clinton told Americans Wednesday he believed "with all my heart" that President Barack Obama saved the economy, had left them better off than four years ago and should be re-elected.
06 сентября 2012
France enthralled by first lady's battle with Hollande ex France's Socialist President Francois Hollande hoped he could keep his love life private and distinguish himself from his showy predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy.
06 сентября 2012
Romania's Basescu survives impeachment vote Romania's suspended president Traian Basescu survived an impeachment vote due to low turnout, according to provisional figures released by the polling panel.
31 июля 2012
Venezuela's Chavez warns of plot to deny reelection Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday claimed his political rivals have hatched a plot to deny him a victory in the upcoming October 7 presidential vote.
05 июля 2012
Morsi takes Egypt helm, military pledges support Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi began his first full day in office on Sunday with his powers circumscribed by the military as he tries to pick a new cabinet to carry out his campaign pledges.
02 июля 2012
Timur Kulibayev. stock photo Yertysbayev called Kulibayev the President's successor Yermukhamet Yertysbayev told Kommersant newspaper that Timur Kilibayev is likely to become a successor of Nursultan Nazarbayev.
25 июля 2011

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