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22.03.2012 15:57 Education
An internationally certified training facility for oil workers is going to be built in Aktau to meet the develop of the nearby offshore fields.
12.10.2011 13:31 Politics
US Deputy Secretary of Energy arrived in Astana for participation in the Nuclear-free World Forum.
23.06.2011 14:21 Kazakhstan
Karim Massimov visited Degelen testing platform of Semipalatinsk testing site.
12.05.2011 18:14 Cinema, Music
The world premiere of After the Apocalypse, a movie about people who suffered from Semipalatinsk nuclear polygon, was held in London.
26.04.2011 17:20 Cinema, Music
After the Apocalypse by British Antony Butts, a film about Semipalatinsk and the lives of people distorted by the man-made nuclear disaster, to hit screens in May.