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Photo courtesy of the press service of the Border Guard of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Chase and gunshots stop poachers at Caspian Sea Kazakhstani coast guards have stopped four Azeri poachers, who were trying to escape the territorial waters of Kazakhstan with nearly a ton of sturgeon.
31 марта 2015
Kenyan commandos on frontline of poaching war With camouflage uniforms, assault rifles, wildlife rangers in Kenya's Ol Jogi rhino sanctuary prepare for night patrol in the "war" against poaching.
01 сентября 2014
Poachers kill famed giant Kenyan elephant One of Africa's largest elephants has died after being shot by poachers using poisoned arrows in Kenya, wildlife officials said as they mourned the loss of an "old friend."
14 июня 2014
©RIA Novosti Coast Guards rescue endangered fish from poacher nets Regional Maritime Boarder Patrol from the Coast Guard has discovered abandoned illegal fishing equipment in the Caspian sea.
05 апреля 2014 file photo Fish dives in East Kazakhstan Oblast: Prosecutor's Office The fish population has greatly reduced in water reservoirs of Kazakhstan's East Kazakhstan Oblast: Oblast Prosecutor's Office.
24 декабря 2013
©Reuters/Philimon Bulawayo African elephant survival tops agenda at Botswana talks African ministers and experts meet next week in Botswana to chart ways to stamp out a spike in elephant killings fuelled by a growing demand for ivory in Asia.
30 ноября 2013
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