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21.01.2016 15:39 Science, Technologies
A previously unknown giant planet may have been discovered lurking in the outer reaches of our solar system, US scientists announced.
03.06.2014 13:15 Science, Technologies
Astronomers have spotted the "Godzilla" of all Earths, a huge rocky planet orbiting a star 560 light years away that is changing scientists' understanding of the origins of the universe.
27.02.2014 13:05 Environment
US and British scientific academies said there was a clear consensus that climate change is real and will have serious disruptive effects on the planet.
26.11.2013 00:18 Emergencies
The managing director of the 514 Aircraft-Repairing Plant declared that Kazakhstan's accusation of the Russian plant for the MIG-31 aircraft crash had too many contradictions.
18.11.2013 11:52 Science, Technologies
Europe next week will launch a trio of hi-tech satellites to explore something that may seem utterly mundane: Earth's magnetic field.
12.10.2013 11:11 Science, Technologies
Astronomers have autopsied a distant, broken apart planet and revealed signs of water and a rocky surface together for the first time, delighting scientists on the hunt for alien life.
10.10.2013 17:23 Science, Technologies
Astronomers said Wednesday they have found a lonely planet outside the solar system floating alone in space and not orbiting a star.
07.06.2013 13:47 Science, Technologies
A "dust trap" surrounding a young star could help explain how planets are formed.
06.03.2013 18:47 Science, Technologies
NASA's Curiosity rover, which has been exploring Mars since it landed to much fanfare last August, should be running at full capacity next week, after a memory glitch set the robot back.
01.03.2013 10:21 Science, Technologies
Astronomers using a powerful telescope in southern Chile have captured the first direct image of a protoplanet forming around another star, still embedded in thick gas and dust.
08.02.2013 10:50 Science, Technologies
Scientists looking for habitable planets may not have to stray far from our galactic neighborhood, which calculated an Earth-size planet could be orbiting a red dwarf as near as 13 light years away.
08.01.2013 10:08 Science, Technologies
The Milky Way contains at least 17 billion planets the size of Earth, and likely many more, according to a study out Monday that raises the chances of discovering a sister planet to ours.
09.12.2012 11:08 Environment
UN talks seeking to slow the march of destructive global warming ran far into extra time Saturday as host Qatar sought to broker an end to the standoff between rich and poor nations on funding.
01.12.2012 14:24 Science, Technologies
Scientists Thursday announced new evidence that Mercury, the planet orbiting nearest the Sun, hosts massive caches of ice and revealed new information on how water reached our solar system's inner planets.
20.11.2012 10:56 Environment
The World Bank warned Sunday that global temperatures could rise by four degrees this century without immediate action, with potentially devastating consequences for coastal cities and the poor.
16.10.2012 14:02 Science, Technologies
An international team of amateur and professional astronomers on Monday announced the discovery of a planet whose skies are lit up by four suns -- the first reported case of such a phenomenon.
15.09.2012 11:17 Science, Technologies
US scientists have for the first time found proof that planets can form and survive around sun-like stars within dense star clusters, NASA said Friday.
30.08.2012 12:53 Science, Technologies
The universe is looking increasingly crowded as scientists Tuesday announced the first proof twin stars can host multiple planets -- boosting their search for a planet that could support life.
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