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07.05.2014 15:56 Health
A new kind of bird flu has been detected for the first time in Adelie penguins in Antarctica, though the virus does not seem to make them sick, researchers said.
24.04.2014 03:17 Environment
Peruvian authorities announced an investigation Tuesday into the killing of five penguins fund slashed to death at a center for endangered species.
23.02.2013 10:22 Environment
A penguin dubbed Happy Feet junior that washed up in New Zealand 2,000 kilometres (1,250 miles) from his home has died despite intensive efforts to save him.
03.09.2012 12:31 Environment
Fuel leaking from a Turkish freighter wreck that has been smashed up by a storm has contaminated at least five penguins on South Africa's Robben Island.