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Photo courtesy of Ministry of Defence Kazakhstani peacekeeping corps expands training Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Defense plans developing a new program for training of peacekeepers to expand its peacekeeping worky.
27 ноября 2015
Photo courtesy of Ministry of Defence Kazakh peacekeeper returns home after one year in Cote d'Ivoire Captain Temirlan Mussapirov of Kazbrig, the first Kazakh to arrive to Cote d'Ivoire as a military observer returned home.
04 сентября 2015
Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Defense press office Kazakhstan armed forces to conduct Steppe Eagle 2015 peacekeeping drills with USA Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping battalions will conduct the Steppe Eagle 2015 exercise near Almaty together with US armed forces.
08 февраля 2015
Photo courtesy of  Ministry of Defence press office. Kazakhstani peace battalion and NATO participate in Steppe Eagle exercise in Germany Kazakhstani peacekeeping battalion is taking part in the Steppe Eagle 2014 exercise in Germany.
09 октября 2014
Photo from Aaron and Bota's personal archives Kazakh song of gestures stole American heart The story starts with Aaron Bean who volunteered in 2011 to be a part of Peace Corps in Kazakhstan and fell in love with a deaf Kazakh girl Botagoz Usenova.
10 января 2014
 Photo a courtesy of Kazakhstan not sending peacekeepers to Syria According to Kazakhstan ex-Permanent Representative in the UN Senator Byrganym Aitimova, Kazakhstan will not send any peacekeepers to Syria.
23 декабря 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel discusses defense and countering terrorism with Kazakhstan Defense Minister US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has discussed strategic partnership in defense and countering terrorism with Kazakhstan's Minister of Defense Adilbek Dzhaksybekov.
14 ноября 2013
©REUTERS Peace Corps officially closed in Kazakhstan Official ceremony of closing the Peace Corps office in Kazakhstan was held in the Academy of Science on February 17.
17 февраля 2012
Kazakhstan Minister of Foreign Affairs Yerzhan Kazykhanov. Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© Peace Corps thanked Kazakhstan for warm welcome Kazakhstan Foreign Minister received a letter from Director of the Peace Corps in relation to successful completion of the mission in Kazakhstan.
28 декабря 2011
Photo courtesy of First group of Peace Corps volunteers left Kazakhstan Over 100 U.S. Peace Corps volunteers have already left Kazakhstan.
28 ноября 2011
Photo courtesy of Peace Corps' withdrawal is not related to security threat: Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry Suspension of the missions of such organizations like Peace Corps or USAID is a normal practice in the world: Foreign Ministry.
22 ноября 2011
Illustration from U.S. Peace Corps explained its departure from Kazakhstan Representative office of the U.S. Peace Corps in Kazakhstan was closed for “a number of operational considerations”.
21 ноября 2011
©REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque U.S. Peace Corps leaving Kazakhstan over security concerns U.S. Peace Corps is withdrawing its English teachers from Kazakhstan.
18 ноября 2011
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