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U.S. Peace Corps explained its departure from Kazakhstan 21 ноября 2011, 18:32

Representative office of the U.S. Peace Corps in Kazakhstan was closed for “a number of operational considerations”.
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Illustration from friendsofniger.org Illustration from friendsofniger.org
Representative office of the U.S. Peace Corps in Kazakhstan was closed because of “a number of operational considerations”, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the official press-release published on the organization's website. Peace Corps representatives said that all 117 volunteers working in Kazakhstan are safe. They will take part in the conference timed to completion of the organization's activities. “For the past 18 years, Peace Corps volunteers have worked alongside their Kazakhstan counterparts to create a lasting impact that lives on in schools, clinics, NGOs and community and youth centers throughout the country. We thank the government and people of Kazakhstan for welcoming Peace Corps volunteers into their communities, and we are grateful for their strong support and partnership over the years,” the message states. This year Kazakhstan is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its Independence. According to the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index, Kazakhstan is one of the most developed countries to host Peace Corps programs. Suspension of the activities of the U.S. Peace Corps in Kazakhstan is “the logical step related to the fact that Kazakhstan has reached progress in political and social-economic development in the 20 years of independence and Kazakhstan is currently a country with the above average level of income,” Kazakhstan Ministry of Education and Science stated. According to the authority, many programs of the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan are completed. “We understand that this decision is related to internal review of priorities, updating of organizational plans and redirecting the volunteers to other regions of the world. It is well known that the range of activities of this organization covers over 70 countries. We are sure that the U.S. volunteers, as well as Kazakhstan people who have received a precious experience of communication and inter-cultural enrichment with this organization, will keep warm and grateful memories of all these years of effective partnership,” the Ministry's message states. The U.S. Peace Corps has been cooperating with Kazakhstan for 18 years under a treaty between the Governments of the U.S. and Kazakhstan regarding the Peace Corps' activities in Kazakhstan. During these years over 1,000 volunteers of the Peace Corps have performed a significant and effective work highly appreciated by Kazakhstan people.

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