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Peace Corps' withdrawal is not related to security threat: Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry 22 ноября 2011, 15:03

Suspension of the missions of such organizations like Peace Corps or USAID is a normal practice in the world: Foreign Ministry.
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Photo courtesy of peacecorps.gov Photo courtesy of peacecorps.gov
Closure of the mission of the U.S. Peace Corps in Kazakhstan is a normal practice, KazTAG reports citing official representative of Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry Altai Abibullayev. “Closure of the missions of organizations like Peace Corps or USAID is a well-known practice in the world. After completion of their tasks many similar organizations closed their missions in some of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe,” Abibullayev said. According to him, closure of the Peace Corps mission “testifies of a new level of the country's development”. “I would like to officially state that all of the Peace Corps representatives are safe, both those who are currently working here and those who have already left Kazakhstan,” official representative of the Foreign Ministry said.

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