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China jails Christian pastor for 14 years: official Chinese court sentenced a Christian pastor to 14 years in jail for embezzlement, after he opposed forced removal of crosses from churches.
29 февраля 2016
©Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon Pastor of state church 'sentenced to 12 years' in China A pastor of a state-sanctioned church in China has been sentenced to 12 years in prison, his lawyer and an overseas rights group said, accusing authorities of "fabricated charges".
04 июля 2014
Photo a courtesy of Kazakhstan Religions Agency: Grace is outside framework The Agency for Religious Affairs of Kazakhstan remains a neutral observer in the Grace church case.
05 февраля 2014
Australia PM Rudd clashes with pastor on gay marriage Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has clashed with a Christian pastor over gay marriage, using the Bible to support his argument as he explained his change of heart on the issue.
03 сентября 2013
Canada bars US extremist pastor Terry Jones Notorious US pastor Terry Jones said Thursday he has been barred from entering Canada after an anti-Islam video he backs triggered violent protests across the Muslim world.
13 октября 2012
Controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones. ©REUTERS/Rebecca Cook Film not intended to insult Muslims: US pastor The film which has triggered deadly protests in the Middle East over its portrayal of the Islamic faith is not intended to insult Muslims.
13 сентября 2012
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