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28.07.2014 11:14 Emergencies
Teenaged student survivors of South Korea's ferry disaster began giving video testimony under tight security Monday in the murder trial of the vessel's captain and crew.
26.07.2014 11:36 Emergencies
All passengers and crew on board an Air Algerie jetliner that crashed in Mali died in the tragedy, which completely wiped out several families, France announced.
25.07.2014 12:56 Unrest
Suspected Taliban gunmen stopped two vehicles in central Afghanistan and shot dead 15 passengers at the side of the road, officials said Friday, in the latest attack to highlight the growing civilian toll from violence.
25.07.2014 12:06 Emergencies
The wreckage of an Air Algerie plane missing since early Thursday with 116 people on board has been found in Mali near the Burkina Faso border, an army coordinator in Burkina Faso and the French presidency said.
24.07.2014 10:36 Emergencies
Taiwan's TransAsia Airways said Thursday that 48 people were killed and 10 survived when one of its turboprop passenger planes crashed after an aborted landing during stormy weather.
16.07.2014 14:23 Emergencies
Russian investigators said on Wednesday they had detained two Moscow metro workers in a probe into a devastating crash that killed 22 people and injured dozens.
16.07.2014 12:58 Emergencies
Twenty-five people were injured when a passenger jet from South Africa to Hong Kong hit turbulence on Wednesday, police said, with two men seriously hurt and hospitalised in the southern Chinese city.
04.07.2014 13:43 Crime
Australian police have charged a woman for racially abusing passengers on a train after a video recording her tirade was posted online and went viral, sparking a social media backlash.
25.06.2014 12:05 Emergencies
A passenger train derailed in eastern India on Wednesday, killing four people after a blast suspected to have been triggered by Maoist rebels, a top railway official said.
13.06.2014 12:41 Emergencies
Malaysia Airlines' insurer has begun paying the families of passengers onboard Flight MH370 $50,000 each in initial compensation three months after the jet disappeared, a government official said
13.06.2014 10:35 Emergencies
Twenty people were injured when a Hong Kong ferry crashed into a seawall off the coast of the gambling enclave of Macau Friday, officials said, the latest accident to hit the cities' busy waterways.
31.05.2014 12:06 Industry, Infrastructure
Bolivian President Evo Morales inaugurated Friday the first segment of the world's highest cable railway line, carrying passengers from city to city at up to 4,000 meters (13,000 feet) above sea level.
28.05.2014 01:25 Emergencies
The death toll from a train crash in northern India rose to 23 after more bodies were recovered from inside mangled passenger carriages, officials said.
22.05.2014 12:32 Emergencies
A Singapore Airlines plane skidded off the runway on touching down during heavy rain at Myanmar's Yangon International Airport, but no injuries were reported, the carrier said.
17.05.2014 14:42 Military
A Lao military plane carrying top officials including the defence minister crashed on Saturday in the north of the communist country, a Thai official said, without giving details of any casualties.
16.05.2014 11:32 Emergencies
Divers recovered 10 more bodies from a sunken ferry in Bangladesh Friday, bringing the death toll to 22, with scores more feared to have perished, police and officials said.
12.05.2014 23:07 Crime
A middle-aged man who allegedly hijacked a bus because he wanted to visit his parents was arrested in Japan, police said Monday, after he let the driver go to the toilet.
12.05.2014 14:26 Emergencies
At least 36 immigrants died and 42 are reported missing after a makeshift boat was wrecked off Libya's coast, a naval spokesman told AFP.
04.05.2014 15:07 Emergencies
Six people were dead and at least 19 others were missing after a ferry capsized Saturday when it was caught in a storm in the south of Bangladesh, a government official said.
03.05.2014 14:41 Emergencies
A New York City subway train carrying 1,000 passengers derailed just after the morning commute Friday leaving 19 people hurt, including four who had potentially serious injuries, rescue officials said.
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