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Pope Francis takes message to forgotten corners of home continent Pope Francis embarks on an eight-day visit to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay, three of South America's 'peripheral' countries which share common challenges in addressing poverty.
03 июля 2015
Flooding in Paraguay sends thousands fleeing to shelters Flooding has forced the evacuation of about 150,000 people in Paraguay's capital city Asuncion, authorities said.
11 июня 2014
 Asel Rysmendieva Celebration of compassion: Kazakhstani nominated for Hermann Gmeiner award Kazakhstani Asel Rysmendieva, 24, has been nominated for the annual Hermann Gmeiner award that was named after Austrian philanthropist and SOS Children’s village founder.
07 июня 2014
Cartes takes office in Paraguay Conservative businessman Horacio Cartes was sworn in as president of Paraguay Thursday, amid slowly improving relations with South American neighbors damaged by the 2012 ouster of leftist president Fernando Lugo.
16 августа 2013
Paraguay watches odd urban gold rush They appeared out of nowhere, making a mess, operating without a permit and disrupting the football season by luring gawkers.
06 августа 2013
Cartes wins Paraguay presidential vote Millionaire businessman Horacio Cartes of the opposition Colorado Party, a political neophyte with alleged drug ties, won Paraguay's presidential race.
22 апреля 2013
Woman questions ex-president's paternity test in Paraguay A woman who claims that former president Fernando Lugo fathered her son charged Friday that the laboratory being used in the paternity case belongs to one of his political allies.
13 апреля 2013
Paraguay ex-president to take paternity test Paraguay's ex-president Fernando Lugo will have to undergo court-ordered DNA testing, after a judge ruled in favor of a woman who says he fathered her 11-year old son.
15 февраля 2013
Paraguay rejects Venezuela's entry into Mercosur The Paraguayan Senate rejected Venezuela's entry into Mercosur on Thursday, a largely symbolic gesture as Asuncion has been suspended from the Latin American trade bloc.
24 августа 2012
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