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12.06.2015 15:41 Crime
Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan speaks about the surge of sexual violence in Kazakhstan, particularly against children.
29.09.2014 20:44 Crime
Former Vatican ambassador to Kazakhstan Jozef Wesolowski has kept over a hundred thousand child porn photos and over a hundred child porn videos on his computer.
06.08.2014 15:32 Crime
Australian authorities were investigating the father at the centre of surrogate baby scandal who was exposed as a convicted paedophile
21.06.2014 20:03 Religion
Poland's powerful Catholic Church apologised for paedophilia committed by its priests during an unprecedented ceremony attended by top clergy and abuse victims.
19.05.2014 14:51 Laws, Initiatives
Switzerland on Sunday overwhelmingly voted for a harsher stance against convicted paedophiles by banning them from working with children for life.
16.04.2014 14:44 Crime
Morocco Tuesday jailed a British man, previously convicted of child sex offences, for 20 years for kidnapping and attempting to rape three young girls, a rights activist at the trial said.
16.01.2014 18:08 Crime
An international probe has cracked a paedophile ring which streamed live sexual abuse of Filipino children over the Internet, leading to dozens of arrests, police in the Philippines.
18.11.2013 18:01 Religion
The Anglican Church in Australia has chosen its first female bishop, filling a vacancy created when her predecessor resigned over his management of child abuse allegations.
13.11.2013 17:40 Religion
An Australian state inquiry into the handling of child sex cases by the Catholic Church on Wednesday said religious leaders trivialised the problem and recommended concealment of abuse should be a crime.
08.08.2013 14:12 Unrest
Several hundred Moroccans took to the streets late Wednesday to protest against the king's pardon of a convicted Spanish paedophile and demand more independence for the judiciary.
06.08.2013 19:19 Crime
Spanish police on Monday arrested a convicted paedophile who had his pardon revoked by Morocco's King Mohamed VI after it sparked angry protests in the north African country.
03.08.2013 14:33 People
Moroccan police on Friday dispersed a crowd of several thousand people protesting against a royal pardon handed to a Spanish man reportedly convicted of raping 11 children.
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