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30.04.2015 12:05 Companies
Microsoft made a new pitch to app makers, promising an audience of more than a billion people if they develop services for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.
10.10.2014 14:15 Gadgets
Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella triggered uproar after suggesting working women should trust "karma" when it comes to securing pay raises.
19.09.2014 13:30 Internet
Google said it would beef up encryption of its mobile operating system, so that it would not hold "keys" to devices even if it is served with a warrant.
16.09.2014 15:25 Science, Technologies
Microsoft sent out invitations to a September 30 event at which it is expected to provide a glimpse at the next version of its Windows operating system.
12.07.2014 14:40 Gadgets
Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has accused US technology giant Apple of threatening national security through its iPhone's ability to track and time-stamp a user's location.
03.06.2014 11:59 Companies
Apple on Monday unveiled new operating software it hopes will create a seamless experience for users flitting between its coveted mobile devices and popular Macintosh computers.
22.05.2014 00:29 Internet
Microsoft said Tuesday it would maintain efforts to gain approval in China for its Windows 8 operating system after a ban announced by Beijing.
10.05.2014 11:54 Internet
An appeals court on Friday breathed new life into Oracle's big-money lawsuit against Google by ruling that software commands can be copyrighted just like classic books.
24.02.2014 15:42 Science, Technologies
Firefox OS, an upstart smartphone operating system aimed a challenging the Apple and Google duopoly, will power a new category of $25 smartphones for developing countries.
27.06.2013 18:36 Science, Technologies
Microsoft on Wednesday courted application makers with a "re-blended" version of the overhauled Windows 8 operating system released late last year.
31.05.2013 17:12 Internet
Microsoft unveiled an update to its latest Windows operating system Thursday that included a return of a "Start" button that had been missed by longtime users of the computer software.
25.02.2013 14:47 Internet
Mozilla Foundation announced Sunday it will launch in mid 2013 its widely anticipated Firefox operating system for smartphones in a direct challenge to the duopoly of Apple's iOS and Google's Android.
08.09.2012 14:01 Science, Technologies
It seems that Russia's defence ministry has little faith in Google's operating systems: it has just unveiled its own encrypted version that has the remarkably familiar feel of an Android.