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©REUTERS Microsoft courts app makers with dive into Windows 10 Microsoft made a new pitch to app makers, promising an audience of more than a billion people if they develop services for the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.
30 апреля 2015
Microsoft chief angers women over 'karma' pay comment Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella triggered uproar after suggesting working women should trust "karma" when it comes to securing pay raises.
10 октября 2014
©Reuters/Francois Lenoir Google to boost Android encryption, joining Apple Google said it would beef up encryption of its mobile operating system, so that it would not hold "keys" to devices even if it is served with a warrant.
19 сентября 2014
©REUTERS Microsoft to spotlight new Windows software September 30 Microsoft sent out invitations to a September 30 event at which it is expected to provide a glimpse at the next version of its Windows operating system.
16 сентября 2014
©Reuters Apple iPhone 'threat to national security': Chinese media Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has accused US technology giant Apple of threatening national security through its iPhone's ability to track and time-stamp a user's location.
12 июля 2014
New Apple software brings Macs and iPhones closer Apple on Monday unveiled new operating software it hopes will create a seamless experience for users flitting between its coveted mobile devices and popular Macintosh computers.
03 июня 2014
Microsoft to press China after Windows 8 ban Microsoft said Tuesday it would maintain efforts to gain approval in China for its Windows 8 operating system after a ban announced by Beijing.
22 мая 2014
Photo courtesy of Appeal court revives Oracle-Google copyright battle An appeals court on Friday breathed new life into Oracle's big-money lawsuit against Google by ruling that software commands can be copyrighted just like classic books.
10 мая 2014
Photo courtesy of Firefox aims to power $25 smartphone Firefox OS, an upstart smartphone operating system aimed a challenging the Apple and Google duopoly, will power a new category of $25 smartphones for developing countries.
24 февраля 2014
Microsoft woos developers with 're-blended' Windows Microsoft on Wednesday courted application makers with a "re-blended" version of the overhauled Windows 8 operating system released late last year.
27 июня 2013
Cherished 'Start' button returning to Windows software Microsoft unveiled an update to its latest Windows operating system Thursday that included a return of a "Start" button that had been missed by longtime users of the computer software.
31 мая 2013
Firefox smartphone system challenges Android, iOS Mozilla Foundation announced Sunday it will launch in mid 2013 its widely anticipated Firefox operating system for smartphones in a direct challenge to the duopoly of Apple's iOS and Google's Android.
25 февраля 2013
Dmitry Rogozin. ©RIA NOVOSTI Russia unveils own 'almost Android' system It seems that Russia's defence ministry has little faith in Google's operating systems: it has just unveiled its own encrypted version that has the remarkably familiar feel of an Android.
08 сентября 2012
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