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04.07.2012 15:19 Industry, Infrastructure
Production of the first Kazakhstan cars, Nomad offroaders, will start in the middle of 2013.
14.01.2012 19:01 Sport
Kazakhstan team got into the top 33 crews at the 11th stage of Dakar.
14.10.2011 16:01 Auto
Kazakhstan-made offroader called Nomad will appear in Kazakhstan in the end of 2012.
12.07.2011 15:50 Sport
Two crews of Kazakhstan team Astana left the Silk Way rally in offroaders category because of technical problems.
27.06.2011 14:27 Strange News
British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who played a journalist from Kazakhstan Borat Sagdiyev, ordered three golden Dartz Kombat offroaders.
04.06.2011 17:35 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan citizen Regina Abdurazakova received her new $740 thousand elite offroader.
03.06.2011 13:34 Auto
Kazakhstan citizen Regina Abdurazakova became the owner of the first elite offroader Dartz Prombron L4P Ladies.Only made by Dartz Kombat.