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08.04.2014 10:45 Politics
Protesters said Monday they were considering ending their three-week occupation of Taiwan's parliament, after its Speaker intervened to try to end the standoff over a contentious services trade pact with China.
28.11.2013 11:38 People
A Jewish boy who hid from the Nazis in a hayloft reunited after 70 years in New York on Wednesday with the Polish son whose parents risked everything to save him.
26.12.2012 10:53 Education
Defence Minister Ehud Barak on Monday confirmed a government decision to officially recognise the status of the first Israeli university established in the occupied West Bank.
18.09.2012 18:00 Unrest
Protesters from Occupy Wall Street hit New York City streets again Monday to mark their one-year anniversary, disrupting access to the stock exchange, as police detained more than 180 people.
16.08.2012 12:10 Education
Students demanding education reform briefly occupied two schools in the Chilean capital Monday, the latest move aimed at drawing attention to their cause.
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