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15.03.2016 17:32 Religion
Pope Francis approved sainthood for Mother Teresa, the missionary nun who became a global if controversial symbol of compassion for her care of the sick and destitute.
16.09.2014 14:52 Politics
A 17,000-name petition in support of Roman Catholic nuns in the United States deemed too liberal by the Vatican has been delivered to the Holy See.
07.06.2014 10:23 Music
A singing nun clinched the final of The Voice of Italy television talent show contest on Friday after winning millions of followers with her lively dance act and soulful renditions of lusty pop classics.
25.03.2014 01:01 Entertainment, Style
25 y.o. Sicilian nun made all four judges of The Voice of Italy turn their chairs to chose her.
19.02.2014 17:48 Crime
An elderly nun who broke into what was supposed to be one of the most carefully guarded nuclear facilities in the United States was sentenced to nearly three years in prison.