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25.08.2014 14:39 Entertainment, Style
With a staggering 19 nominations, royal feud saga "Game of Thrones" will cast a long shadow over Emmy awards.
04.07.2014 01:56 Cinema, Music
Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson won damages against a French author whose novel features a character resembling the starlet who is treated as a sex object.
29.01.2014 13:48 Art, Books
Debut author Nathan Filer won Britain's Costa Book Award on Tuesday for his novel "The Shock of the Fall", which draws on his experience as a mental health nurse.
05.12.2013 14:20 Education
Television series, once considered too low-brow to be worthy of academic study, have become a mainstay of university curricula and frequent fodder for critical analysis.
04.12.2013 10:25 Cinema, Music
The movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the bestselling erotic novel by E.L. James, has started filming in westernmost Canada.
03.12.2013 17:37 Art, Books
The new novel by literary superstar Haruki Murakami was Japan's biggest-selling book of 2013, the nation's largest distributer said.
19.02.2013 16:29 Art, Books
Author Haruki Murakami's new novel will hit book stores in April, three years after the final instalment of "1Q84".
19.02.2013 12:12 Science, Technologies
A previously unknown short story by Japan's first Nobel Prize-winning author Yasunari Kawabata, best-known for the novel "Snow Country".
10.02.2013 11:59 Art, Books
When a middle-aged South African engineer recently set out to write a novel in his native Zulu, he found himself hamstrung by a lack of words to describe modern life.
30.01.2013 15:50 Art, Books
A new Chinese translation of "Finnegans Wake", renowned for its linguistic difficulty in the original, is proving a hit in China -- although one academic called the author James Joyce "mentally ill".
23.01.2013 17:32 Books
Eighty years after Adolf Hitler's rise to power, a novel that imagines his return to modern-day Berlin has become a bestseller in Germany, though a comedy about the Fuehrer is not to everyone's taste.
21.01.2013 16:24 Art, Books
Stefan Bachmann is only 19, but his darkly mysterious debut novel set in a parallel world of faeries, goblins and child snatchers has already earned him comparisons to J.K. Rowling, Dickens and Dostoyevsky.
11.11.2012 10:39 Art, Books
The accident-prone British thirty-something Bridget Jones is to return in a third novel next year, her creator Helen Fielding announced on Friday.
10.11.2012 11:10 Art, Books
Dermot Bolger was commissioned in 1993 by a US museum that holds the original manuscript of James Joyce's famed novel -- which chronicles a day in the life of a Dublin man -- to adapt the book for the stage.
18.10.2012 13:51 Politics
"Politics is an ugly business," says an official in Chinese author Wang Xiaofang's novel, The Civil Servant's Notebook. "You always need to keep a knife in reserve, even for your own boss."
15.10.2012 11:49 Books
South Korea has lifted a ban on the erotic novel "The 120 Days of Sodom" by the 18th-century French nobleman and writer the Marquis de Sade, just weeks after barring it for "extreme obscenity".
29.09.2012 11:44 Books
Harry Potter author JK Rowling spent the day "trying to avoid newspapers" as her first novel for grown-ups hit the bookshops, but she is confident the book is "the best I can do", she told fans.