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31.07.2014 14:28 Crime
Myanmar authorities have seized 140 kilograms (310 lbs) of heroin packed into blocks and hidden in a car in the notorious "Golden Triangle" area near the Thai border, police said.
19.12.2013 17:25 Crime
A US judge has sentenced meth dealer Walter White to 12 years in prison, in a case of life mirroring art a few months after the end of cult TV show "Breaking Bad," local media reported.
14.07.2013 11:00 Crime
Malaysian authorities have seized nearly 50 kilograms (around 100 pounds) of methamphetamine disguised as Chinese tea at Kuala Lumpur's main airport.
22.11.2012 15:04 Crime
Australian police said Wednesday they had seized cocaine and methamphetamine worth Aus$237 million (US$246 million) shipped from China in a consignment of heavy machinery.
01.11.2012 10:07 Crime
Vietnam has sentenced a 61-year-old Filipina to death after she was caught smuggling the illegal drug methamphetamine into the country.
31.07.2012 17:53 Crime
Australian police have seized half a billion dollars' worth of crystal methamphetamine and heroin after smashing a Hong Kong-linked international drugs syndicate.
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