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28.05.2015 14:52 Entertainment, Style
The city where B.B. King got his musical start paid final tribute to the blues guitar master, as thousands walking in the rain with his hearse shouted, "long live the king!"
26.05.2015 12:48 Politics
US President Barack Obama paid a Memorial Day tribute to America's "fallen heroes" Monday, stressing the heavy burden of perennial wars.
28.04.2015 10:56 Disasters
Some 1,500 people attended a memorial service at Barcelona's iconic Sagrada Familia Cathedral, and paid homage to the 150 people killed in Germanwings plane crash.
18.04.2015 10:45 People
Grieving relatives joined political and religious leaders at a sombre German memorial service for the victims of last month's Germanwings crash in the French Alps.
07.04.2015 14:46 Entertainment, Style
A group of artists installed a bust of fugitive US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden on a war memorial in a New York park.
05.11.2014 15:27 People
Thousands of mourners turned out for the memorial service of former leader Gough Whitlam Wednesday.
27.10.2014 11:15 Science, Technologies
Bioactive ingredients found in cocoa sharply reversed age-related memory decline in a group of volunteers, scientists reported.
09.09.2014 14:48 Laws, Initiatives
Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust will be honoured with a new memorial in the Polish capital Warsaw paid for by the children of survivors.
06.09.2014 15:23 People
Murdered American journalist Steven Sotloff urged his friends and family to live life "to the fullest," in a letter penned during his captivity in Iraq
16.07.2014 19:51 Fun Stuff
The World Cup in Brazil has ended but the memories will stay with us for a long time.
08.07.2014 12:00 Politics
A visibly limping Kim Jong-Un presided over an official memorial in Pyongyang on Tuesday for the 20th anniversary of the death of his grandfather and North Korea's founder, Kim Il-Sung.
07.08.2013 15:36 Environment
Bottlenose dolphins can remember each other's signature whistles for more than 20 years, a study said Wednesday -- the longest social memory ever observed in an animal.
01.08.2013 16:07 Education
Venezuela Wednesday unveiled its latest tribute to revered late president Hugo Chavez: its very own institute of Chavezian thought.
04.06.2013 20:50 Politics
Latvian President Andris Berzins opened a memorial to Latvian victims of political repressions in Karaganda oblast in central Kazakhstan.
03.06.2013 10:01 People
Hundreds of youth gathered Friday to mark the 1992 ethnic cleansing against non-Serbs in Prijedor, one of the deadliest episodes of the Bosnian war.
23.05.2013 15:36 Cinema, Music
Bayreuth paid tribute to composer Richard Wagner on what would have been his 200th birthday here Wednesday with a rare concert in the town's legendary Festpielhaus theatre.
13.04.2013 11:21 People
The body of Hugo Chavez may not have been embalmed and put on display for eternity but on the arms, legs and breasts of devoted Venezuelans, "el Comandante" will live on forever.
11.04.2013 18:37 People
Frail, her memory failing her, and with few visitors for company, Margaret Thatcher's final months were a marked contrast to her zenith striding the global stage.
29.03.2013 17:25 Politics
An endless line of Venezuelans files past the tomb of late president Hugo Chavez inside an old barracks perched in a hillside Caracas slum. Many pray and sing hymns until night falls.
23.10.2012 14:08 Politics
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will inaugurate a memorial to murdered Roma and Sinti victims of the Nazis on Wednesday, as Europe's largest minority grapples with ongoing discrimination.
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