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Kazakh Central Bank governor Daniyar Akishev © Kazakh central bank governor shares de-dollarization plans The Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Daniyar Akishev commented on the plan to de-dollarize the Kazakh economy.
20 января 2016
Canada unveils new railway rules after Quebec train disaster Canada announced stricter railway safety measures following last year's runaway train disaster in Quebec that killed 47 people.
30 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Anti-flood missions keep 24/7 monitoring of water basins in Zhambyl Oblast The authorities of Zhambyl Oblast are taking precocious against floods.
19 марта 2014
© Almaty marathon courses receive IAAF/AIMS certificates The courses of the Almaty Marathon have received IAAF/AIMS certificates.
19 ноября 2013
Gun legislation getting holstered on Capitol Hill Three months after Newtown, the prospects for President Barack Obama's ambitious gun control measures have dimmed, as hopes for expanded background checks clash with stubborn political realities.
10 марта 2013
Cambodia orders action to stop deadly bird flu Phnom Penh on Friday ordered urgent action to stem the "worrying" number of bird flu deaths in Cambodia, following a surge in the number of fatalities from the virus.
02 марта 2013
US protesters urge Obama to act on global warming Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Washington Sunday to generate pressure on President Barack Obama to take concrete measures to fight global warming.
18 февраля 2013
Energy leaders say climate crisis more urgent Energy industry leaders on Wednesday called for a fresh push in the fight against climate change and urged governments to make it easier for the world's poor to access power sources.
06 февраля 2013
Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa. ©REUTERS BoJ holds off fresh easing despite calls for action The Bank of Japan held off launching fresh easing measures on Tuesday, despite growing calls for further stimulus to spur the economy and as it warned of a "high degree of uncertainty".
20 ноября 2012
US still undecided on no-fly zone for Syria The United States is still mulling ways to stop the fighting in Syria, including a no-fly zone, as the Syrian regime is "ratcheting up the brutality of their tactics" .
20 октября 2012
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