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 McDonald's Japan hit by another food scandal McDonald's in Japan said it was investigating an incident involving a customer who was injured by plastic shards found inside a drink, the latest in a string of food contamination scandals.
04 сентября 2015
Burger King peace offer to McDonald's: 'Let's make a McWhopper' In the name of global peace, Burger King proposed making the hybrid hamburger to its rival McDonald's, at least for one day, the United Nations-promoted International Day of Peace.
27 августа 2015
Photo courtesy of First McDonald's to open in Astana Two McDonald’s fast food restaurants are opening in Astana soon.
17 июля 2015
©REUTERS McDonald's Japan updates menu, prices after food scandals McDonald's Japan unveiled a limited revamp to its menu and pricing as the under-fire burger chain fights to restore its reputation
21 мая 2015
©REUTERS McDonald's supplier gets Beijing's biggest pollution fine: Xinhua A McDonald's joint venture in China supplying its outlets with French fries has been slapped with a record 3.9 million yuan fine for water pollution.
30 апреля 2015
McDonald's faces 'cockroach burger' claim in New Zealand Fast food giant McDonald's said it was aware of a New Zealand woman's allegation she found a half-eaten cockroach in a hamburger bought at one of its South Island restaurants.
20 апреля 2015
China cult pair executed for McDonald's killing: Xinhua A father and daughter who belonged to a fringe Chinese religious group were executed for beating a woman to death at a McDonald's restaurant.
02 февраля 2015
REUTERS © McDonald's CEO pays price for growing woes Fast-food giant McDonald's replaced president and chief executive Donald Thompson, after the company turned in another poor quarter of sales and earnings last week.
29 января 2015
Woman finds 'dental material' in Japan McDonald's burger A Japanese woman has claimed she discovered fragments identified as "dental material" in a McDonald's hamburger, the company said.
09 января 2015
©REUTERS McDonald's putting big-sized fries back on the menu in Japan McDonald's said that an emergency airlift has eased a french fries shortage in Japan which forced the chain to ration the crispy treat at more than 3,000 restaurants.
26 декабря 2014
REUTERS © Kazakhstan to see first McDonald's in 2015 I treat McDonald's brand with a great respect; it is one of the most recognizable in the world. It’s a privilege to be a partner of the brand in my home country. We are looking forward to starting works to launch the first McDonald's in Kazakhstan: Kairat Boranbayev.
13 ноября 2014
McDonald's recalls Hello Kitty whistles in North America McDonald's recalled nearly a million red whistles included with a Hello Kitty-themed toy offered in children's meal choices in the United States and Canada.
11 ноября 2014
Russia probes McDonald's children charity Russian prosecutors have launched a probe into a charitable fund run by the McDonald's restaurant chain, the organisation's director said.
08 октября 2014
Russia closes 12 McDonald's branches, inspects 100 Russia has temporarily closed 12 branches of McDonald's on health grounds and is carrying out more than 100 inspections.
30 августа 2014
US food firm sorry over China 'bad meat' scandal The US food supplier at the centre of an expired meat scandal in China has apologised, as KFC and Pizza Hut's parent company said it would stop using the firm's products in the key Chinese market.
25 июля 2014
Officers from Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. ©Reuters/Stringer China shuts meat factory supplying McDonald's, KFC Shanghai has shut a factory of US food provider OSI Group for selling out-of-date meat to restaurant giants including McDonald's and KFC, authorities said Monday in China's latest food safety scandal.
21 июля 2014
©Reuters/Jim Young Six 'cult' members held over China McDonald's death Chinese police have detained six people for beating to death a woman at a McDonald's restaurant who refused to disclose her phone number, accusing them of being members of a religious cult, state media said.
01 июня 2014
Fast-food workers strike in US for pay, union rights Fast-food workers in Miami and New York went on strike Thursday to demand pay hikes and the right to unionize in a protest also observed in other cities around the world.
17 мая 2014
©Reuters/Carlo Allegri Hello Kitty mayhem returns to Singapore Singaporean fans of Hello Kitty raged on the web Thursday after their frantic attempts to buy limited-edition toys from the McDonald's website failed when overwhelmed servers crashed, in the latest frenzy over the Japanese cat to hit the city-state.
25 апреля 2014
McDonald's entering Kazakh market A McDonald's in Almaty, the biggest city in Kazakhstan, is to be launched May 1 on Arbat, the main pedestrian zone. The fast food outlet in Astana is to be launched June 1 in Khan Shatyr shopping mall.
28 марта 2014

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