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01.11.2014 14:48 Crime
Italian President told a trial in which state officials are accused of making a secret deal with the Mafia that mobsters carried out bombings in the 1990s.
05.04.2014 13:52 Laws, Initiatives
Domenico Rancadore, the convicted Italian mafia boss who last week was told he was free to remain in Britain, has been arrested on a fresh international warrant, police said Saturday.
03.03.2014 16:44 Crime
As the police patrol outside and pace the corridors of her office, anti-mafia prosecutor Alessandra Cerreti speaks to AFP about her specialty -- breaking the power of the clans by turning their women.
06.12.2012 12:41 Politics
Italy's highest court has accepted a complaint over the wire-tapping of the president as part of an inquiry into negotiations between state officials and the Mafia.
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