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02.09.2015 12:16 Internet
Google on Tuesday refreshed its logo to better suit mobile devices that are supplanting desktop computers when it comes to modern Internet lifestyles.
02.09.2015 11:01 Sport
Tokyo's 2020 Olympics organisers scrapped the event's scandal-hit logo in the latest mishap for the Games after a costs furore forced plans for a $2 billion new national stadium to be torn up.
14.08.2015 14:12 Sport
The designer of Tokyo's 2020 Olympics logo said he has withdrawn some designs created for drinks giant Suntory in the wake of fresh plagiarism allegations.
18.12.2013 12:21 Cinema, Music
The body behind the Oscars has unveiled a new logo that it hopes will focus more attention on the organization's wider work in addition to Hollywood's biggest trophy fest.
30.09.2013 10:11 Health
Nearly nine in 10 children in China can identify a cigarette logo, according to a US study out Monday that measured tobacco recognition among five- and six-year-olds in various countries.
29.07.2013 12:32 Entertainment, Style
Wind Energy was selected the logo of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017.
23.07.2013 16:01 Entertainment, Style
Two best logos have been selected through the online voting for EXPO-2017 logos that have finished on July 23.
20.07.2012 15:23 Markets
The London Olympics pop up on teapots, bunting and a one-eyed mascot -- but strict branding laws are in place to ensure that official products are the only ones in the race.
04.11.2011 16:40 Strange News
Author of Kazakhstan coat of arms Zhandarbek Malibekov is indignant by the use of Kazakhstan state symbols in the logo of MASOSH company in Ecuador.